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Philosophy of Operation

Philosophy of Operation

Wondering if Nevertex is the right partner for your company or brand's accessory manufacturing needs? On this page, you'll find comprehensive information about our principles of operation. Get to know us better and see if we share the same values. Nevertex is a Finnish, flexible, and fast professional in the clothing industry, close to the customer.

Genuinely Finnish

Nevertex Ltd is a genuinely Finnish family-owned knitting company where both design and production take place in Finland, in the hands of local professionals. We have accumulated experience in the industry since 1986.

Our own product lines have been granted the Key Flag symbol.

The entire production process of our product lines takes place in Yli-Ullava, Central Ostrobothnia. Domestic production ensures a high-quality and responsible end result. Being a domestic manufacturer guarantees swift responses to customer needs and fast, regular deliveries. Nevertex is close to its customers.


Sustainability is a key focus of our operations. We manufacture knitwear accessories from tested, safe, and certified materials. Materials are sourced from European industrial yarn suppliers. The waste generated in our operations is recycled for reuse, such as in the production of oil spill containment mats.

We always source mulesing-free merino wool. Mulesing is a surgical procedure commonly performed on merino sheep in Australia, involving the removal of skin from around the sheep's buttocks. The resulting scar tissue significantly reduces the laying of blowfly eggs and the painful condition caused by fly larvae. The method has been heavily criticized from an animal welfare perspective. Opponents of the method believe that proper hygiene practices and breeding methods can prevent the damage caused by blowflies.

Below, you'll find Nevertex's sustainability program in its entirety.

Flexible and Fast

Nevertex's production is not mass production. Our production model allows for smaller tailored product lines to be created flexibly, quickly, and at a reasonable cost. Replenishment and additional orders can be handled swiftly and flexibly. We offer a wide range of colors, materials, sizes, and assistance with product and production planning.

Our in-house designer enables quick modifications to designs, facilitating a rapid and flexible order-to-delivery process. Finished products are prepared for shelving in stores or for immediate use by corporate customers. We manufacture both small and large series for retailers, corporate gift suppliers, and companies.

Clothing Industry Professional

While Nevertex's production is not mass production, it is efficient and swift industrial clothing production. Nevertex's customers don't need to be clothing industry experts – having a product vision is enough. Nevertex delivers a finished, high-quality solution that meets clothing industry standards based on the customer's vision. We believe that customers value a clothing industry expert who can say, 'This is how it should be done.'

We manufacture products using the latest computer-controlled knitting machines and software. Thanks to modern knitting machines, we can create various types of knits, different patterns, and a range of colors. We can create knitwear accessories through shaping or in seamless designs.

Nevertex manufactures knitwear accessories using modern, high-quality industrial production, but transparently, with a human touch and rooted in tradition.

Close to the Customer

Nevertex's production is automated, but customer service is not. We believe that our customers appreciate Nevertex's exceptional service expertise and willingness to serve: effective communication, maintaining good contact with the customer, and caring for the customer's production capacity.

Nevertex is an industrial manufacturer that values traditional values, providing an opportunity for genuine, direct, personal interaction.

Our Customer Promise

Nevertex manufactures knitwear accessories like beanies for your brand responsibly, sustainably, and efficiently in Finland. We know how to do it. We advise, and we knit

Nevertex Facts

Genuinely Finnish
30 years of experience
Entire production process in our own factory
Responsible operations
High quality of raw materials and products
In-house designer
Fast and flexible ordering and delivery
Personalized service

Nevertex Sustainability Program


Environmental Responsibility

We take responsibility for the environment we hold dear. Nevertex's premises are located near the beautiful Rahkonen Ridge in a groundwater area, where operations are monitored and restricted. The location is well-suited for the clothing industry, with well-thought-out operations throughout.


Certified Raw Materials

We only purchase certified raw materials from European industrial yarn suppliers. We recycle the cutting waste generated during our operations for reuse, such as in the production of oil spill mats. We strive to buy all possible small accessories from Finland, supporting local suppliers.


Minimization of Environmental Impact

We minimize environmental impact by being prudent. We avoid wasting raw materials, energy, or water unnecessarily. The use of all these resources is carefully considered and based on necessity. The finishing of the knitted fabric is done through steaming rather than washing, significantly saving water.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We ensure that our operations comply with Finnish laws and regulations. Our staff are paid according to the textile and clothing industry standards, including vacation rights. Good working conditions are maintained, and the company has valid agreements with pension insurance, insurance companies, and occupational health care providers.


Financial Responsibility

We take financial responsibility by adhering to good governance practices and aiming for profitable business operations. Without proper financial management, the company's existence would not be secure, and it wouldn't be able to take care of its employees or the environment.


Profitably and Responsibly

We believe that the clothing industry can operate profitably and responsibly in Finland – now and in the future. We willingly pay taxes in Finland and aim to contribute to the development of sustainable domestic clothing industry.

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