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Knitted accessories
Knitted accessories

Sustainable and ethical winter accessories from Finland

Who manufactures your winter knit accessories for your brand responsibly, sustainably, and industrially efficiently in EU? Nevertex. We know how it's done. We advise, and we knit.

Finnish Nevertex manufactures high-quality winter accessories with 30 years of experience, tailored to the customer's needs.

Our main products are beanies, gloves, scarves and balaclavas. Our selection includes knit accessories for children and adults, for all seasons, from work to leisure, and for demanding conditions.

What does Nevertex do?

Primarily, we create custom knit accessory collections for retailers and private label brands, either based on the customer's own design or our designer's model. Nevertex transforms the customer's vision into a finished, high-quality solution that meets industry standards.

We also produce corporate gifts for businesses year-round. How about a soft and warm beanie with your company's logo?

Additionally, we manufacture our own Tuohimäki collection for consumer sales. The collection is available to interested retailers and consumers in well-equipped stores across the country.

While Nevertex's production isn't mass production, it is efficient and swift industrial clothing production. Our production model allows for customized product lines that are flexible, fast, and reasonably priced. Replenishment orders and additional orders can also be accommodated quickly and flexibly.

Nevertex's products and services

  • Knit beanies, headbands, and helmet liners
  • Knit gloves
  • Knit scarves and neck warmers
  • Knit accessory product design
  • Knit accessory production planning, consulting, and customization for customers
  • Knit accessories with your own brand through retailers to consumers

Responsibly produced knitwear

Nevertex manufactures knitted accessories with modern, high-quality industrial production, but in a transparent, responsible human-friendly way and relying on its roots. We cherish traditional values ​​and therefore offer the opportunity for genuine, immediate, personal interaction. Learn more about our operating philosophy and our responsibility program.

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Custom made for companies

Custom made for companies

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