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Nevertex's beanies and hats warm both the head and the heart.

Nevertex's beanies and hats warm both the head and the heart.

Nevertex's main product is custom-made knit beanies tailored to our customers' needs. Thanks to our production model, we also manufacture smaller customized batches flexibly, quickly, and at a reasonable price. With this approach, we have gained the trust of several companies and clothing brands that sell beanies.

Nevertex's beanies are crafted from high-quality and responsibly sourced materials.

Our domestically produced beanies are suitable for all ages, from babies to grandparents. We create custom orders for merino wool beanies, children's and baby beanies, patterned knit beanies, beanie-style hats, commando beanies, ski beanies, and cotton beanies, among others. Today, merino wool is in high demand due to its excellent properties.

Furthermore, we produce beanies as corporate gifts for companies and associations. Our Tuohimäki product line represents our in-house production and is available to consumers in well-stocked clothing stores and markets.

What kind of beanie can you get from Nevertex?

A beanie can come in almost any style. It can be straight, folded, or unfolded. It can be low or long in height, with multiple seams or a pointed tip.

In addition to traditional styles, a beanie can have ear flaps, strings, or ear-shaped designs. Our design and production remain in line not only with technical requirements but also with fashion trends.

Beanies with or without pompoms - we can do it all.

All of our beanies can be customized with or without pompoms. We offer a variety of unique pompom options.

We offer an extensive color palette, allowing you to choose the perfect color combination for your beanie. Our color chart includes beautiful pastels and vibrant primary colors.

The most important thing to know is this: From Nevertex, you get a beanie that matches your vision and suits your brand. As a Nevertex customer, you don't need to be a clothing industry expert - your product vision is enough. Nevertex can transform your vision into a finished, high-quality solution that meets clothing industry standards. Choose Nevertex if you value an expert in the clothing industry who says, "This is how it should be done."

Contact us – We advise and knit!

Merino wool beanies are an ethical and warm choice

A merino wool beanie is a warm choice for winter's cold weather. Made from merino sheep's wool, it has many beneficial properties. It's soft and warm, effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, and can be machine-washed. The merino wool we use is mulesing-free, ensuring that no harm has come to the sheep during the wool collection process.

Customers often inquire about the mulesing of merino wool. The merino wool we use is Öko-Tex certified. The Öko-Tex certification does not cover mulesing. There is no certification available for mulesing-free wool, as it is not a subject covered by certification. We ensure the mulesing-free nature of our merino wool through markings

Custom made for companies

Custom made for companies