Beanies and knitted hats

Our main products are high quality beanies and knitted hats for retailers. Our versatile selection of Finnish-made beanies includes e.g. beanies for kids, youth and adults and beanie hats made out of jersey, knitted beanies, balaclavas, ski hats, woolly hats, pom poms, hip hop beanies, skiwear beanies and logo beanies.

The collection of beanies and knit caps is versatile. Numerous different styles are available, as well an abundance in materials and colours. We customise the beanies according to your wishes on demand. The knitting, pattern, surface, bobble, embroidery or any other markings are yours to decide.

What style can the beanie be?

Our collection has a wide selection of different models of beanies. It can be rolled or straight, with a turn up or no turn up. It can be long or short, and in it’s shape branched or mitre. Besides the basic models we have, it can also be inca or peruvian in style, with ear flaps or with ties or ear shaped like in ski hats. On top of that our collections have hoods for kids and adults.

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What is a high-class beanie made out of?

A really well-made beanie is the outcome of many things. We always use first class materials in our hats. What the final product comes out like is also affected by the knitting and the surface pattern, which we always design and produce with care.


We always use good quality and safe materials in the production of all of our headwear. The selection of materials is very extensive. We produce our headwear (or beanies) for example from the following materials:

Merino wool both inside and outside, or just on the outer surface. Beanie made out of merino wool is high-class, machine washable, warm, comfortable and soft. A merino wool beanie is the choice for the quality conscious.

Wool-acryl (woolblend) is usually used only for the knitting of the surface, with cotton, polypropene or polyester as the lining. Wool-acryl is our most used material on the surface and therefore its colour chart is the broadest. Woolacryl is machine washable and it combines the good benefits of both wool and acry, it is: warm, plush, lightweight and affordable compared to wool.

Acryl, either fully or only as the surface material. A beanie made of acryl by us is always machine washable, plush, easy to take care of and affordable.

Cotton, either fully or as the lining in beanies made out of other surface materials. A beanie made out of cotton is machine washable, durable, soft and comfortable and it’s colour chart is extensive.

Viscose bamboo is mostly used in hoods that are kept under hats. A hood made out of viscose bamboo is comfortable, absorbent, breathable, soft, durable and keeps it’s form.

Out of polypropene we make hoods, but it is also used quite a lot as lining material. Polypropene is machine washable, moisture-transmitting and keeps the skin dry. We use polyester as a lining material either as fleece or as bioactive terrycloth.

Proline wind shield can be used as the interlining in all of the beanies that have a lining. Proline is elastic polyester knitting laminated to be windproof and breathable that doesn’t rustle in use. FinnFill is a polyester knitting that is used in kids' hoods and as a warm interlining in ear shaped beanies. Our jersey cotton comes from a Finnish supplier. We make our jersey beanies and kids' hoods’ lining from it.

Knitting of the beanies’ and other factors

The final product is affected not only by the material it is made out of, but also by the knitting, pattern and surface. The exterior of the beanie can be fairisle, textured, rib-stitch, ribbed or cable knit. The options on patterns are numerous, for example different thickness of stripes and texts, it can be multi-coloured, mottled or simply plain singular colour. The knitting can be for example tight fit, stretchy but firm patent, a slouchy casual knitting, plush and warm cable knit or neat and colourful jacquard knitting.

The beanie can also be with or without a pom pom, and the pom pom versions are numerable. Kids' hoods and beanies also often have a reflective strap on top or ear flaps and ties. You can also add to the look with badges or embroidery. The badge can be either be sown on top, or be on the seam or over the rim. Most of our beanies also have the option for embroidery.


Knitting & pattern

And other factors

Versatile selection of Finnish-made beanies